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  • If you have an old web browser that has not been kept up to date, it may no longer work with our website. You will need to upgrade your web browser.
  • If logging in using your email address, it must be the email address that is registered on your EastLink account.
  • If your email address is linked to more than one account it won't work. Use your EastLink account number or vehicle's licence plate details instead.
  • If logging in using vehicle licence plate it must be a vehicle currently linked to your account, and there must be no spaces e.g. ABC123 and not ABC 123.
  • Ensure you get the licence plate numbers and letters exactly right. Don't use O instead of 0 or I instead of 1.
  • Check you are entering the licence plate / email address or account number into the correct field.

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Once logged in to your account you will see some icons. This is what they mean:

 Key to website icons

Outstanding debts

When you attempt to link a vehicle to your account, we may list outstanding debts (shown as Pending Debt) relating to any past trips on EastLink that were not paid. To link the vehicle to your account, all outstanding debts must be paid. If you were not the owner of the vehicle when a debt was incurred you should phone us on (03) 9955 1400 during business hours.

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